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Toronto's Impact on the Mixedwood Plains

Connections Within the Mixedwood Plains


http://www.rr.ualberta.ca/staff/dpuurvee/score/gif/luvisol.gif            The Mixedwood plains contain Canada’s most productive and fertile soils. The predominant soils in this ecozone include Luvisols, Brunisols, and Podzols. The use of these soils varies from one area to the next because of the diversity in climate and vegetation. Podzol and Brunisol soils are more dominant in the coarser textured soils of the northern fringe, and because of this, are not suitable for agriculture and farming. In fact, they are mostly used in forestry and recreation. Grey-brown Luvisol soils, on the other hand, are used in the south to grow agricultural crops like tobacco. Luvisol soils generally develop beneath the forest vegetation from glacial deposits.

http://sis.agr.gc.ca/cansis/taxa/soil/brunisolic/sombric_brunisol_bcs.jpg http://www.chem.gla.ac.uk/staff/hughf/EnvSci/podzol.JPG The image to the left is a photograph of some Brunisol soil.

The image to the right is a photograph of some Podzol soil.

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