Natural Vegetation


Human Economic Activities

Toronto's Impact on the Mixedwood Plains

Connections Within the Mixedwood Plains

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Why was this webpage created?
This webpage was created for unit 9/10 CGC1D1 and unit 16 BTT101. The purpose of this webpage is to convey information about the Mixedwood plains ecozone to the general public.

What was used to create this webpage?
The layout graphics were created in Adobe Photoshop and the layout was coded from scratch in Notepad.

Who are the creators of this webpage?
Joshua Liu and Timothy Yip.

I have a question. How can I contact you guys?
Head on over to the Staff section, our emails are listed there.

Did you take all of those photographs?
No, we borrowed them from other websites. Credit is given by listing the sources from which we got each image. To see the source, just put your mouse over the image and the source will popup in a little box.

Can I take your layout graphics?
Absolutely not. Doing so would be an infringement of copyright.

Can I copy your information word for word?
No. That would be plagiarism. Look it up.

Can I have your website when you're done with it?
Let me think. Hmmm... No...

- Joshua Liu and Timothy Yip

A Joshua Liu and Timothy Yip Production 2003-2004
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